The 84th SGA is now in session.

On Friday, May 13th, the 84th session of SGA began as newly elected and appointed officers took their oath of office at Convocation.  

Chief Justice Kelsey Peterson recognized and thanked those who served in the 83rd session of the Student Government Association.  

Some of the highlights of the work done by the members of the 83rd session are: 

  • restructuring of the Student Activities Council
  • creation of a Diversity Council and new executive position to head up the council
  • a very successful first year for the Judicial Council who heard many cases and received much positive feedback
  • launch of the SGA website
  • 2 public forums to gather student ideas, answer questions, and hear concerns
  • an investigation of the housing policy, including a student survey
  • installation of the Student Activity Fee
  • approval of Senator stipends beginning in the fall of 2016
  • continued work by student representatives on the college’s Strategic Planning Task Force

After the 83rd SGA was recognized and thanked, the members of the 84th SGA were then introduced and asked to take their oath of office, and the 84th SGA was called to session.  

It’s been a successful year to say the least.  There has been a lot of quality, determination, and passion that has gone in to the work that has been done by everyone in SGA.  Thanks again to everyone who has served and will serve our organization, school, and community.  We look forward to continuing the work that has been started as well as initiating new projects and conversations in this new session!

Fall 2015 Photo Shoot: Success!

With new freshman senators elected and the open junior senator seat filled, everyone is beginning to settle into their places for the 83rd session of Bethel’s SGA.

To make things official, a photo shoot was held last week to get headshots of all members as well as branch photos and an entire group picture.  

Here’s a couple of the fun pictures that were taken.  Check out the website’s other pages for the rest of the updated (more serious) pictures!

KICA Leadership Conference

On Monday, August 3, 4 members of Bethel’s Student Government Association along with their Advisor attended the 2015 KICA Student Leadership Day at Newman University in Wichita, KS.


We heard from a Kansas State Representative, the President of Newman University, a professional parliamentarian, and a professor of Leadership Studies from Kansas State University.

Representative Brandon Wipple
Representative Brandon Wipple

While collaborating with other schools’ student governments, we set some S.M.A.R.T goals for the year and made a plan of how to achieve them.  Our S.M.A.R.T goal focused on how to improve our Bike Share Program.


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