The Bethel Collegian

IMG_1136The Collegian is a student-run newspaper published bi-weekly while classes are in session.

The Collegian is funded by the Student Government Association and advertising revenue  and is printed by The Newton Kansan. The Collegian covers campus events, personalities and issues.

The Collegian welcomes writers and photographers from across campus and all perspectives to participate in The Collegian’s production.

Contact Information

Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Ratzlaff

Faculty Advisor: Christine Crouse-Dick


Subscriptions are free for all students, faculty and staff. Off-campus subscriptions are available at the rate of $18.00 per school year. Subscriptions may be sent to: The Collegian, Bethel College, 300 E. 27th Street, North Newton, KS 67117


Copy Editor: Riley Schmieder                

News/Features Editor: Emily Kondziola

Opinion Editor: Jadin Kaltenbach

Sports Editor: Gabe Johnson

Entertainment Editor: Baily Strausz       

Design/Layout Editor: Austin Prouty

Business/Ads Manager: Zachary Shima


Emma Beachy
Julie Donecker
John Hansberry
Noah Larson
Da’Ray Odhams
Bethany Powls
Connick Roe
Neil Smucker
Jayce Yoder
Kaho Yanagidaira 
Lyric Martin


Erica Ebenkamp
Nicole Kluesner
Cheyenne Miles
Garrett Smith

Want your voice to be heard?

Consider writing a letter to the editor. As a means of exploring the concepts of citizenship and community, letters to the editor are welcomed and encouraged. Letters should be no longer than 200 words, must refer to an article that appeared within the last month, and must include the writer’s eimail address and phone number. Letters will be edited for appropriate content and may be shortened for space requirements. All letters to the editor should be sent to the editor-in-chief.

If you have an idea of a story that should be covered, be sure to contact us at

Want to write for the Collegian?

If you are interested in a job writing for the Collegian, contact editor-in-chief for information on job openings.

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