Recent Projects

SGA has been busy this past month! In the past 30 days, we have planned and hosted two Convocations as well as a letter writing event. The first Convo we held was a public forum where students could come to us with concerns or ideas. From this forum, we heard many issues and ideas that we were not aware of before hand and are now taking action on through the use of our Senate committees as well as our executive council.


The second Convocation we held was and event called All That We Share. In this Convo, we focused on what makes our community unique, and on all of the things that we share with each other that we may not even realize. This was done by seperating students based on their major and then having them step out of their major groups and into the center when a question was asked that pertained to them. The questions ranged from if you pronounce ‘crayon’ like ‘crown’, to if you have ever struggled with mental health. Finally, the last question asked was if you are a Thresher which showed how we are all one community.


Finally, this past week, we held a letter writing event in response to recent event involving gun violence including the mass shooting that occurred in Florida a few weeks ago. Gun violence is becoming an increasingly important issue in the United States and SGA wanted to provide students with the resources to be able to take action on this topic. We provided a non-partisan, neutral template that students were able to fill out with what action they want their political representatives to take. We had many participants in this and will be sending the letters to representatives in the coming week.

letter writing


Interview with IntoAccount

Bethel Community, 

Following is the link to the interview that President Kiley Varney and Junior Senator Rebecca Schrag did with IntoAccount as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the education, awareness, and policies surrounding sexual violence on our campus.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to send them our way. 

Better Reporting for Bethel: Student Leaders Discuss Their Resolution to Promote Callisto

Introducing the New Diversity Council

The newly restructured Diversity Council met for the first time last Tuesday, May 17th.

Members in attendance were:

  • Diversity Affairs Chair – Zachary Preheim  
  • Ryne Preheim
  • Tyrine Harris
  • Maya Kathrineberg
  • Mark Martin
  • Kimberly Carbonell
  • JDaijon Sumpter
  • Bethany Montoya
  • Emily Kondziola
The Council met last Tuesday in the basement of the Ad building

The new Diversity Council was created by the Campus Life committee in conjunction with members of #BethelLivesMatter. It hopes to reach a broader scope of students through new stipulations passed by the Student Senate. 

In the meeting, the Council mainly discussed activities and discussions they would like to hold in the upcoming school year, as well as what expectations are for new members. Current members hope to keep working on these ideas throughout the summer.

The Diversity Council is also looking for new members to join! Any student who is interested in broadening horizons for others on topics of diversity can contact Chair Zachary Preheim, or Gabriel Fonseca to join. 

Diversity Council Chair, Zachary Preheim


The 84th SGA is now in session.

On Friday, May 13th, the 84th session of SGA began as newly elected and appointed officers took their oath of office at Convocation.  

Chief Justice Kelsey Peterson recognized and thanked those who served in the 83rd session of the Student Government Association.  

Some of the highlights of the work done by the members of the 83rd session are: 

  • restructuring of the Student Activities Council
  • creation of a Diversity Council and new executive position to head up the council
  • a very successful first year for the Judicial Council who heard many cases and received much positive feedback
  • launch of the SGA website
  • 2 public forums to gather student ideas, answer questions, and hear concerns
  • an investigation of the housing policy, including a student survey
  • installation of the Student Activity Fee
  • approval of Senator stipends beginning in the fall of 2016
  • continued work by student representatives on the college’s Strategic Planning Task Force

After the 83rd SGA was recognized and thanked, the members of the 84th SGA were then introduced and asked to take their oath of office, and the 84th SGA was called to session.  

It’s been a successful year to say the least.  There has been a lot of quality, determination, and passion that has gone in to the work that has been done by everyone in SGA.  Thanks again to everyone who has served and will serve our organization, school, and community.  We look forward to continuing the work that has been started as well as initiating new projects and conversations in this new session!

SGA doesn’t just write bills…

…we cook, too!

Last night, the Student Activities Council hosted an Iron Chef competition as part of Spring Fling week.  Prizes were awarded to the top three finishing teams, and a team of SGA officers took first!


The team consisted of President-elect Jacob Miller, Chief Justice Kelsey Peterson, Senator Serena Wong, Associate Justice Daniel Ratzlaff, and Vice-President-elect Kiley Varney.

Each team consisted of a handful of people.  Teams were given access to various foods, spices, utensils, and tools, and were given 45 minutes to create a delectable entreé.  Everyone participating also had to incorporate 3 secret ingredients into their dish: chicken, pineapple, and avocado.

The SGA team ended up making an Asian-Pacific Teriyaki Grilled Chicken dish on a bed of sauteèd green with a side of avocado pepper salsa in a pineapple bowl.  That dish won the most favor with the judges and took first place!


It’s Official!

At yesterday’s SGA meeting, all of the newly appointed officers took their oath of office.  The election turnout this year was great, and SGA is happy to welcome several new members into our organization.



Here’s the lineup:

  • President: Jacob Miller
  • Vice-President: Kiley Varney
  • Chief of Staff: Alec Loganbill
  • Secretary of Student Activities: Mareike Bergen
  • Secretary of Public Relations: Emily Kondziola
  • Secretary of Diversity Affairs: Zachary Preheim

Associate Justice Appointment:

  • Terrance Jones

Grace Bradfield was re-elected as Secretary of the Senate, and Junior Senator Cayla Lawless was elected Speaker of the Senate at yesterday’s meeting as well.

Congratulations to all of the SGA members on their recent election/appointment.  SGA is excited to welcome all of the new members as well as the returning ones.  the 84th Session of the Student Government Association is going to be a great one!

We’re all about giving back!

One of SGA’s goals for the current sessions is to get our members more involved in community service.  Vice President Jacob Miller organized two volunteering opportunities for the fall semester, and plans to organize at a couple more for the spring semester.

Just before Thanksgiving break, six SGA members went to New Jerusalem Missions (an organization in Newton that serves as a shelter and resource center for those in need) and did some volunteering.

Some of us helped pick out Christmas gifts for families from a room that had been filled with toys from a recent toy run.  Others helped with cleaning and repairing things in a large room in the building.

Serving in our community is a great way for us to give back, and it’s great to step outside of ourselves and help others. SGA plans to continue volunteering in various ways around the community in the future.

Thank you to the organizations that provide us with the opportunity to come and serve.  We greatly appreciate it and and hope to do more!