Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch or Judicial Council is made up of Presidential Appointments pending Senate confirmation. The Judicial Council acts on any Articles of Impeachment, interprets the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and works to serve the student body by protecting their student rights.

Judicial Duties

The Judicial Council shall have jurisdiction over Articles of Impeachment, Constitution and Bylaws Interpretation.

Articles of Impeachment

The SGA Senate, by a resolution adopted by 2/3 of the total membership of the elected Senate, may enact the Articles of Impeachment of any officer whose appointment is subject to the approval of the SGA Senate to include the Student Body President, The Student Body Vice President, the Cabinet Secretaries, the Chief Justice, and any Associate Justices or an elected Senator from within.

Constitution and Bylaws Interpretation

From time to time, the Legislative Branch and/or the Executive Branch may be in need to interpret the Constitution and/or By-Laws.  Should the need arise, the Student Body President may ask the Judicial Council to interpret the Constitution and/or By-Laws.  During a General or Special Meeting, the Student Body President and/or Speaker shall request that the Court interpret any piece of law stated in the Constitution and/or By-Laws

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