Councils and Committees

SGA has several councils and committees within the organization that seek to accomplish specific goals and act as spokespeople for certain groups on campus.

Special faculty and board committees also have members from SGA sit in on meetings and discussions and act as representatives of the Student Body to voice opinions and concerns.

The Student Activities Council (SAC), a part of the Executive Branch, is the campus programming board, which is responsible for campus events and entertainment. SAC plans and produces activities for the entire campus, such as Week of Welcome, Spring Fling, Bubberts and much more. Any student who enjoys event planning and entertainment is welcome to join SAC.

Lil Padro – Secretary of Student Activities | Chair

Derrick Hudson & Camryn Harrison | Co-Series Event Coordinators

Kendra Gooden | Traditions Coordinator

| Member Relations Coordinator

Natalie Graber & Amondre Street | Co-Special Events Coordinators

Joseph Winfield & Taj Munnings | Co-Spirit and Engagement Coordinators

Diversity Council exists for the purpose of discussing issues and raising awareness of diversity on our Campus. 

Ellie Bradley & Linda Moyo – Co-secretaries of Diversity Affairs | Chair

SGA Finance and Student Organizations Committee, exist to discuss the formation of potential student organizations and approve all funding requests by all entities of SGA.

Laura Tran | Chair

Sam Karten

Beth Balzer

Henry Friesen

SGA Campus Life Committee, focuses on creating the best student experience possible by seeking to alleviate issues related to the well-being of all students and works to resolve concerns of the campus as a whole and will be responsible for conducting research into aspects of the College as they relate to the student body.

Henry Baxter | Chair

Kalynn Wiles

Alex Cochran

SGA Academic Affairs Committee

Madison Hofer-Holdeman | Chair

Bekah Tonn

Addie Regier

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