The Student Government Association at Bethel College provides an excellent opportunity for student involvement. It is modeled after the U.S. federal government, in that it divides power between an executive, legislative and judicial branch. SGA functions independently of the college administration, though it does not assume an adversarial relationship.

The 16 elected offices, as well as several appointed positions, allow for individual initiative on issues directly affecting students.

The Executive Branch or the Executive Council is composed of the Student Body President, the Student Body Vice-President, the Secretary of Student Activities, the Secretary of Finances and Student Organizations and the Secretary of Public Relations.

The Legislative Branch or the Senate is composed of three senators from each class, one Commuter Senator, and one At-Large Senator. General elections for freshman senators are held during late October, early November. All other offices are elected in late March, early April.

The Judicial Branch or the Judicial Council is composed of one appointed Chief Justice and 4 Associate Justices.

All full-time students are considered the SGA General Members allowing them to vote for their representatives. All full-time students having adequately circulated a petition of candidacy and maintaining a 2.5 GPA may run for office. Appointed positions are filled by the Student Body President with the confirmation from the Senate. Appointments are generally made in May, but may be made as needed throughout the year.

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