Recent Projects

SGA has been busy this past month! In the past 30 days, we have planned and hosted two Convocations as well as a letter writing event. The first Convo we held was a public forum where students could come to us with concerns or ideas. From this forum, we heard many issues and ideas that we were not aware of before hand and are now taking action on through the use of our Senate committees as well as our executive council.


The second Convocation we held was and event called All That We Share. In this Convo, we focused on what makes our community unique, and on all of the things that we share with each other that we may not even realize. This was done by seperating students based on their major and then having them step out of their major groups and into the center when a question was asked that pertained to them. The questions ranged from if you pronounce ‘crayon’ like ‘crown’, to if you have ever struggled with mental health. Finally, the last question asked was if you are a Thresher which showed how we are all one community.


Finally, this past week, we held a letter writing event in response to recent event involving gun violence including the mass shooting that occurred in Florida a few weeks ago. Gun violence is becoming an increasingly important issue in the United States and SGA wanted to provide students with the resources to be able to take action on this topic. We provided a non-partisan, neutral template that students were able to fill out with what action they want their political representatives to take. We had many participants in this and will be sending the letters to representatives in the coming week.

letter writing

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