Clarifying the Student Government Fee

The purpose of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is to provide funding for the Student Government Association so that we can further work for the students of Bethel College. This has always been the intent for the SAF, though it has been met with resistance and confusion. We recognize that this confusion may come, in part, from the lack of information provided about the fee. The SAF is a fee added to regular tuition, psgfaid by all students regardless of hours taken or resident status at Bethel College. The fee fully funds the SGA for the entire academic year.

The money is allocated by the SGA to the Student Activities Council (SAC) and The Collegian. This means that money paid by students towards the SAF not only goes towards the great programming put on by SAC, like Trivia Night, Dine at 9, and Thresher Cinema, but also towards publishing the Collegian and addressing student concerns brought to SGA. The fee also provides funds to pay all of the students working within th
ese groups, including SGA Officers, SAC Secretaries, and Collegian Staff

In an effort to improve transparency surrounding the SAF, we have decided to rebrand the fee as the Student Government Fee (SGF). While the previous name expressed the activities and programming put on by SAC, we want it to fully encompass the reach of your money. We continue to work towards making sure every dollar of the SGF will go back towards the students, and benefit the whole of Bethel College.

In addition to the new name, we have also created a new SGF logo to put on everything that has been made possible by the fee, such as posters for events put on by SAC and SGA.

As always, if you have any questions surrounding what the SGF goes towards, the rebranding, or an idea on how the SGF can be spent to benefit the students of Bethel, please reach out to the SGA. This can be done either through the SGACares page found on our website or by talking with any member of SGA. As we enter into this new semester, we will keep our mantra in mind–by the students, for the students.

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