SGA, Anti-Oppression Task Force, and others invited to meet with Presidential Search Committee

On January 4, members of the Student Government, Anti-Oppression Task Force, Community Assistants, and Student Chaplins recieved an email invitation to meet with the Presidential Search Committee to discuss the proccess of selecting Bethel’s future president. 

The email, sent by the Coordinator of Student Activities Gabriel Fonseca, asked SGA officers and others to RSVP if interested in attending the meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place Monday, January 9, at 1:00pm. Space is estimated to be limited to the attendence of approximately 15 students. 

The meeting has been portrayed to be open to any interested student. SGA will continue to update students as more information on the matter comes in.

This article was updated on 1/6/17 to reflect new information that the meeting would be open to interested students. 

Questions or concerns about the meeting can be addressed on SGACares (, or at the email

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