Bethel College Student Government Denounces Dakota Access Pipeline

This past Sunday, November 20, the Student Government unanimously passed Resolution #84-028 to denounce the Dakota Access Pipeline as a violation of Native American rights.

The vote comes after the Environmental Action Club (EAC) submitted a petition calling for the SGA to denounce the pipeline due to its violation of Native American waters. The petition had 143 signatures, which represents 30% of the student body.

Westen Gesell, senior from Winnipeg and member of the EAC, said in a statement to the SGA:

“I am excited to hear that the petition for SGA to denounce the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as the treatment of protectors at Standing Rock, went through. I feel that such action from the Student Government Association is in accordance with the values that are at the heart of the Bethel College community. I also recognize that there is much more that can be done by those who Stand with Standing Rock, including donating, being there ourselves, and calling/mailing governmental representatives calling on them to support the actions of the protectors. There is an opportunity for members of the student body to take further action this coming Monday evening (the 28th of November) when the Environmental Action Committee will be hosting a letter-signing event, with letters being sent to [state] government representatives.”


Any further questions can be sent to the Student Government at

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