Articles of Impeachment against Student Body President Jacob Miller Fail

Jacob Miller – Student Body President

On Monday, October 30, seven members of the Student Government co-created a Letter of Impeachment against Student Body President Jacob Miller. The letter cited Misfeasance, the illegal or improper performance of a legal and proper act or duty, Malfeasance, or misconduct or wrongful act, especially by an elected or appointed official, and Nonfeasance, or failure to perform an act that is either an official duty or a legal requirement.

The co-authors of the letter are as follows:

Speaker of the Senate and Junior Senator Cayla Lawless

Secretary of Diversity Zachary Preheim

Secretary of Student Activities Mareike Bergen

Chief of Staff Alec Loganbill

Secretary of the Senate and Senior Senator Grace Bradfield

At-Large Senator Lara Scott

Sophomore Senator Mallory Case

In a soon to be released vote, the senate gained at least 2/3 majority on Wednesday, November 2, to enact Articles of Impeachment against President Miller. Miller was then suspended from his role as Student Body President and Student Body Vice-President Kiley Varney assumed his spot as Acting President.

The articles were then presented to the judicial council for a 3/4 vote to impeach President Miller. The judicial council ruled on Sunday, November 6, that there were not sufficient grounds for impeachment and reversed the Articles of Impeachment. Miller is scheduled to re-take office soon.

In an email to the student body, Miller was optimistic about the incident, saying: “Let’s move forward together as a student body. I still love Bethel, and [I] am proud to be your President.”

Further questions or concerns about the impeachment trial or President Miller can be sent to

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