Mid-Summer Executive Update

The Executive Council has been hard at work this summer preparing for the upcoming school year. Here is a brief look at what they have been up to:

Jacob Miller, President

  • Appointed students to serve on board committees
  • Wrote welcome letters and speeches for the Fall
  • Started working to create the first-ever Bethel College undergraduate research journal.

Kiley Varney, Vice President

  • Gave suggestions for board committees
  • Added goals to the SGA goal sheet
  • Began research into Bethel’s time sheet system

Mareike Bergen, Secretary of Student Activities

  • Attended the S.P.I.R.I.T Conference in South Carolina
  • Finalized activities for Welcome Week in August
  • Scheduled student activities for the entire Fall semester

Alec Loganbill, Chief of Staff

  • Reviewed the financial status of the school newspaper, The Collegian, and the Bethel yearbook, The Thresher
  • Began gathering information on Student Policies
  • Gave suggestions for board committees

Zachary Preheim, Secretary of Diversity Affairs

  • Evaluated other Diversity Councils for ideas to improve Bethel’s
  • Planned diversity convocations
  • Kept contact with current Diversity Council members

Emily Kondziola, Secretary of Public Relations

  • Organized the Fall SGA photo shoot
  • Created a plan to increase student access to SGA social media
  • Began collaboration to connect an online version of the Collegian to the SGA website

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