Introducing the New Diversity Council

The newly restructured Diversity Council met for the first time last Tuesday, May 17th.

Members in attendance were:

  • Diversity Affairs Chair – Zachary Preheim  
  • Ryne Preheim
  • Tyrine Harris
  • Maya Kathrineberg
  • Mark Martin
  • Kimberly Carbonell
  • JDaijon Sumpter
  • Bethany Montoya
  • Emily Kondziola
The Council met last Tuesday in the basement of the Ad building

The new Diversity Council was created by the Campus Life committee in conjunction with members of #BethelLivesMatter. It hopes to reach a broader scope of students through new stipulations passed by the Student Senate. 

In the meeting, the Council mainly discussed activities and discussions they would like to hold in the upcoming school year, as well as what expectations are for new members. Current members hope to keep working on these ideas throughout the summer.

The Diversity Council is also looking for new members to join! Any student who is interested in broadening horizons for others on topics of diversity can contact Chair Zachary Preheim, or Gabriel Fonseca to join. 

Diversity Council Chair, Zachary Preheim


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