SGA doesn’t just write bills…

…we cook, too!

Last night, the Student Activities Council hosted an Iron Chef competition as part of Spring Fling week.  Prizes were awarded to the top three finishing teams, and a team of SGA officers took first!


The team consisted of President-elect Jacob Miller, Chief Justice Kelsey Peterson, Senator Serena Wong, Associate Justice Daniel Ratzlaff, and Vice-President-elect Kiley Varney.

Each team consisted of a handful of people.  Teams were given access to various foods, spices, utensils, and tools, and were given 45 minutes to create a delectable entreé.  Everyone participating also had to incorporate 3 secret ingredients into their dish: chicken, pineapple, and avocado.

The SGA team ended up making an Asian-Pacific Teriyaki Grilled Chicken dish on a bed of sauteèd green with a side of avocado pepper salsa in a pineapple bowl.  That dish won the most favor with the judges and took first place!


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