Election Season is Upon Us!

No, not the Presidential Election season.  Although that too is just around the corner.

We are talking about SGA Election Season!  It’s that time of year when petitions become available and students can run for office.  Every person in the Student Government Association holds his or her seat for only one year.  Current SGA officers will have to run for a spot again, and new members can be elected into office.

We heard a lot of really great feedback during our convocation a couple of weeks ago.  We want to continue to hear your voices, opinions, and ideas.  The best way to help create positive change is to get involved — so run for office!

The President/Vice President petition deadline has already passed, but the positions below are still up for grabs!  

  • At-Large Senator
  • Commuter Senator
  • Senior Senator (3 seats)
  • Junior Senator (3 seats)
  • Sophomore Senator (3 seats)

Senate petitions will be available starting March 29th, and they are due by April 4th.  These can be found on our website or in the Office of Student Life.

Freshman Senator elections will be held in the fall after incoming freshmen arrive.

Interested in getting even more involved?  Consider an Executive Council position.  These positions are appointed by the newly elected Student Body President, unlike the rest of the seats in SGA.  Contact an SGA member or Gabriel Fonseca (gfonseca@bethelks.edu) if you are interested in serving on the Executive Council.

Being on SGA means getting leadership experience, seeing firsthand how government works, and getting to be a part of new and exciting initiatives on campus.  

Check out the link below to find out more!

Get Involved with SGA

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