Voter Registration: a Success!

Last Sunday and Monday evenings, the Will Academic Center computer labs were filled with students from 7-9pm.  These students weren’t using the computers to write papers or create graphs or make presentations, though.  They were getting registered to vote! 

Students get registered to vote at the SGA Voter Registration Event (Photo credit: Aida Martinez and the other SGA volunteers at the event)

This is the second year that SGA has hosted a Voter Registration event.  Several volunteers from SGA were available to help students get registered online.

The Voter Registration event was set up to help get students registered to vote in all kinds of elections — local, state, and national.  Even for students who are from out of state, SGA provided instructions and resources to aid in getting them registered.  

The event had a very large turnout and helped dozens of students get registered to vote.  Pizza, drinks, and snacks were available to students who came to the event as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the event and to everyone who showed up!  SGA plans to continue this tradition in the years to come.

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