SGA Welcomes New Executive Position


The first Senate meeting of 2016 occurred on February 2nd, 2016.

Before Christmas break, the Senate had voted on a bill to create a new Executive Council position entitled the Secretary of Diversity Affairs.  SGA saw the need for a leader who helps clubs (especially clubs that promote diversity on campus) have access to funds and resources, as well make the most out of their club and organization experience.  Club presidents of diversity groups such as FEMCore and the Multicultural Student Union saw the need as well, and signed a petition to create such a position within SGA.  

Since SGA voted to approve the position, President Goertzen was required to appoint someone who was fit for the job.  His appointment was Aida Martinez, a senior from Chula Vista, CA.  Chief Justice Peterson swore in Aida as the Secretary of Diversity Affairs at the February 2nd Senate meeting.

Congratulation to Aida in her new position!

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