SGA Website Launch @ Trivia Night

GIFTCARDSOn October 22nd, SGA hosted a launch for this website in conjunction with Trivia Night at Mojo’s.  Trivia Night is a tradition at Bethel and attracts many students for the fun and challenging questions as well as the prizes that they receive for winning.

The launch event consisted of two short rounds of trivia with a website demo in between rounds.  Students were given two questions about the website mixed in with all the other trivia questions.  If their team got the questions right, then they were all entered into a drawing to win several gift cards.  Even if their names weren’t drawn, those that got the questions right (which was pretty much everyone) still got an SGA-themed prize.

Overall, the launch was a success!  Students learned about how and where to find useful resources such as Student Organization Applications as well as where on the website to post an idea or concern that will receive a fast response.

Thanks to everyone who made the website launch possible and who came out to support!


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